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Yayalash is....


 At YAYALASH our state-certified Japanese lash experts ensure your experience will be memorable, and the best decision for your beauty life. To allow for a relaxed, high-quality experience,  we encourage you to take the following steps prior to arriving.

Show Up Care

Before showing up please follow the guidelines below as to let the lashes last long. It is really important to finish our service in perfect condition. Without taking these precautions, we cannot promise your lashes will last. 

- NO CURLER / NO EYE MAKE-UP extensions will be harder to attach if you have any previous eye make-up or curling.  

- We do not recommend having eyelash extensions on your IMPLANT lashes. The cycle of eyelash extensions follows your original lashes. For your safety, we cannot attach any lashes on your implant.

After Care

You can keep eyelash extension longer and enjoy its beautiful look with proper maintenance. Also well maintenance minimizes the burden on your natural eyelashes. All our services are promised to take off for free for any allergic reactions, but not will be refunded the service fee. We would not be able to guarantee any lash fails without after care follows.

-Do not wash eyes, taking a shower, swim or going to spa and avoid crying, sweat and steam FOR 6HOURS at least 24HOURS ideally after eyelash extension application.

-Avoid rubbing and pulling your eyelashes

-Avoid oil-based and waterproof mascara. Regular mascara is not recommended for use a it well dissolve

the adhesive with the lashes. When using mascara, please use the ones exclusively for eyelash extensions.

-Avoid any creams, eye makeup removers, lotions, sunscreens or cleansers containing oils. Olis dissolve

the adhesive and loosen the attaching part of eyelash extensions.

-Do not use mechanical eyelash curler on your eyelash extensions.

-Do not sleep your face down

-Comb eyelash extensions with an eyelash comb or screw brush

-Do not get strong water pressure on your eyes directly

-Dry eyelash extensions by cool air taking a shower.

-Be careful not to get entangled cotton fiber on eyelash extensions.

In case if we seen unfollowed after care instructions, we are not be able to do free fix nor will be subjected $20​ fee for Touch up visit or Fix visit. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding your make up products.

Touch Up / Add Lash

Any touch up, lash add services including other salons lashes are not promised with our after care policy.

We only guarantee when it is only our lashes attached your eye.

Late Arrival

We greatly appreciate your visit to us. We understand any occasions could make schedule lateness, last minute changes. Thus, out of respect for our clientele, we may require to reschedule more than 20minute lateness as to pursue our beauty perfection. Any lateness to appointment time would make lashes amount less than your request. More than 25min late show up could be considered as cancellation, which may require the cancellation fee.


Any Clientele, can use 1 coupon ONLY for their first time visit to us. No exception (Sometimes accept for more than 6month inactive clients. Only selected coupons). A Coupon included Touch up due is 2weeks or 3weeks depends on platform where you made purchase.


We always give you notice and confirmation for your appointment more than 1 day ahead of time. We appreciate your understanding and consideration to our other clientele who is on a waiting list might miss their opportunities to receive our services. As such, we kindly ask any changes or cancellations are required at least 24 hours notice of your scheduled appointment. Late notice will subjected to a fee of 50% of your scheduled appointment.

No-Show / No-Call

We hope our clientele would have consideration to make changes with notice to us. As such, any NO-SHOW appointments would affect further booking with our services.

Cash / Venmo Gratuity is greatly appreciated.
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